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The Most Advanced, Affordable, Straight-forward Professional Development System on Earth

All programs - English & Chinese (中英文教程)

Put your money away - Professional Development has evolved

The History

MorganRen - Important human changes

Approximately 20 Years Ago

Science began to note some very, very, very important human changes.

No immunity - These changes are effecting every employee, employer, and client, in every business and industry around the world.

Science fact

Put Your Money Away!

Development has Evolved!

Professionally Delivered

Before TiA

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Above is the mind of a normal individual - Unproductive

4 Barriers

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After TiA

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Above is a highly productive mind


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Over time, TiA alters both perception and mindset — Individuals gravitate from unproductive to productive, de-motivated to motivated, absent to present, etc

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MorganRen Advanced

Good for Everyone

Simple | Effective | Efficient


4 Very Powerful Mindset and Motivation Modules

Recharge & Energise all levels of professional people

$160 USD - £100 GBP - ¥1000 CNY per person per year

Unlock potential and productivy will increase


MorganRen Advanced


It’s so advanced, extremely cutting edge, and something you’ll be rather pleased to have come across.

Affordable professional development


No other professional staff development system comes for less than $160 USD, £100 GBP, ¥1000 CNY per person per year (min 100) - And that includes 24/7 access, support and all future updates.

MorganRen it's Easy


It can be done anywhere at anytime. Accessible on all mobile and desktop devices, in all formats.

TiA Information

Open & Close

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What is TiA?
TiA is very a unique professional development system born from and designed around the current global changes. All programs, modules and presentations are available in both English and Chinese.

1 - TiA - For Companies, Corporates, Executives & Business Leaders
3 - TiA LP’s & PdP’s for professionals, executives, and businesses
4 - Acharya for the discerning

All material and presentations are avialble in both English and Chinese

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Come on - Your Welcome!

WeChat ID: morganren

Inspiration | Power Slides | Digests

(When you connect to us - Please type TiA in the greeting)


You must develop the capacity within yourself to disentangle your entire life and reality - FEAR is your nemesis, LoVe is your ally. Process the former, cultivate the later, and help each other - Only then can your dreams and desires come into fruition - It's what you came here to do!

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Development Made Easy

TiA Try it Use it It’s Magical

The Most Advanced, Affordable, Straightforward Professional Development System on Earth