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What does MorganRen offer
MorganRen offer personal and professional transpersonal development programs in both English and Chinese for discerning individuals, ground staff, middle management, executives and business leaders.

1 - Transpersonal Intelligence Awareness for Companies & Business Leaders
3 - Transpersonal LP’s & PDP’s for Individuals
4 - Acharya for the discerning

All material and presentations are avialble in both English and Chinese

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What's your PDP? (个人发展规划 )

As we grow and mature, especially when embarking upon a career, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is term we become familiar with. Whether or not it's understood does not matter, yet we all come to understand that a strong GDP is good, and a low GDP is not so good. But rarely do we consider a PDP (Personal Development Plan) and if we do, it is generally associated with a motivational course that will help us feel good in times of struggle.

However the PDP being outlined here is not something to lift you up in times of trouble, it is a factually proven scientific system, a structured step by step program that will unlock your life path. Over time you will discover your true purpose, your real meaning for existence, and your ultimate mission while here on earth. In addition and during the process, (which takes time) but you will discover what's on the other side of life (what’s behind reality). It will put you in touch with an extra layer of reality you've always dreamed about discovering, and there's more - However these tools cannot be described here, yet when you become open and exposed to them, they will create the "magic" in your life that you've longed for, answer questions you've asked yourself for years, and heal your inner issues and wounds that have caused discomfort - Yes there is "magic" on offer and your creator knows your ready for it.

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Transpersonal Intelligence Development Program for Hotel Staff in China

For the past 12 years, i’ve been privileged to have frequented as well as “long term lived” in many 5 star hotels in and around China. In fact it is because of this, I am now presenting this webpage (and 2 minute video below)

My experiences began in 2003 (when I first entered China) - Initially like most, I was a short term guest, which over time progressed to long term leasing. Twelve years on and myself and my family have notched up many continuos years living from a number of 5 star hotels, (both serviced and short term accommodation).

I share this experience only to convey a degree of understanding of the difficulties faced when business is reliant upon staff, particularly “customer facing staff”. As aside from my day job, i’m also transpersonal psychologist who has observed, worked alongside, compiled and wrote 5 x development modules (observing business and hotel staff in China). Inside 13 years, I have witnessed what works and what doesn’t. However, I state that from observational experiences, and not from personal opinions or pride.

You will already know that there are significant differences when employing Chinese, therefore training, motivating and development also differ. While you may already employ professional development personnel, I encourage you to take a look at what’s on offer because studies have shown that in order to inspire, motivate and develop staff, “in particular Chinese staff”,,,,,,, it is the trainer, material and methods of delivery that must change - While I do not consider myself to be a trainer as such, I do believe I can equip hotels with a unique system that will directly benefit all levels of staff. Whether they be ground staff, middle management, or higher level executives, the system, material and program offered penetrates the core of all human-beings, it’s visually animated in both Chinese and English, and it’s beautiful to watch.

Sadly - The minority spoil it for All

We are so sorry to have to convey that from January 2016, ((as our material has been copied and then made available for sale)), all our free material has been removed and is no longer available from iTunes, Amazon or any other book outlet - If you see it, be sure to report it to us.

However we would like to convey our gratitude and thanks to the 500,000+ downloads and all the positive comments - Thank you, it made the 10 years we worked on the modules, and the three years downloads worth it.

What we can say is that from March 2016 - The newly update modules will become available in both English and Chinese, albeit these will now come with a price tag, we promise it will be attractive.

In addition to the new 2016 modules - We are pleased to announce the "Brand New" TiDp (Transpersonal Intelligence Development Program) which will be rolled out to the first corporate Hotel from March 2016 - While for obvious reasons we cannot yet post information, we will keep you posted on the roll out progress.

Finally - If you arrived here hoping to download the modules but were disappointed at the outcome - and if you really, really want them - send us an email and we will see what we can do :-) mr108@morganren.com

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We must develop the capacity within ourselves to disentangle our entire life and reality - FEAR is our nemesis, LoVe is our ally. Process the former, cultivate the later, and help each other - only then can our dreams and desires come into fruition - It's what we came here to do!

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